Musicians of Holy Mystery: SMALL GROUP STUDY


A six week small group study under the skilled leadership of Janet Hammock, who draws inspiration from the life and music of composers from medieval times to the present day, with process by Janice MacLean, helping make Mystery come alive in our life. Use during all seasons, special adaptations for Advent and Lent included.


A six week small group study under the skilled leadership of Janet Hammock, who draws inspiration from the life and music of composers from medieval times to the present day, with process by Janice Maclean, helping us make Mystery come alive in our life.

Session 1 – Hildegard Von Bingen, 1098 – 1179        
Session 2 – Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685 – 1750        
Session 3  – Franz Liszt, 1811 – 1886        
Session 4 – Olivier Messiaen, 1908 – 1992
Session 5 – Ann Southam, 1937 – 2010
Session 6 – Hildegard Westerkamp, 1946 – present 
The themes from their life and music prompt and inspire our sense of mystery on our spiritual journey .
This Small Group Study is flexible and there are choices in the process for using during Christmas/Epiphany or throughout Lent or anytime of the year.

 What You Receive in this Small Group Study 

  • Complete Leader’s Guide (includes process by Janice MacLean for six sessions: Ideas for Gathering, Opening, Music Space,  Check-in, Discussion questions, and a Group Spiritual Practice.)
  • Six 10-18 minute audio recordings with Janet Hammock.
  • Six scripts of the audio recordings to download and copy so participants can follow along.
  • A special Leader Script to use if you have the ability to stop/start the audio recordings to play the You Tube videos recommended by Dr. Hammock.
  • A Playlist & Suggested Resources, which can be emailed to participants to prepare for the session by listening to the You Tube videos or to play after the session.
  • Access to a Prayer Bench webpage with all the study materials, downloadable image for social media promotion, customizable poster for the series, and other resources related to the study.

This is a resource for a Small Group. If you prefer an Individual Spiritual Study, please see: Individual Study: Musicians of Holy Mystery.

 How Do Prayer Bench Small Group Studies Work? 

This is a downloadable resource. When you register and pay, you receive an email with information about accessing a private webpage. You will find the Leader’s Guide and all the resources you need.  

Here is an introductory video with Dr. Janet Hammock sharing how she chose the six “musicians of holy mystery.”

Prayer Bench Guest: Dr. Janet Hammock

Vancouver-born Janet Hammock was appointed Professor Emeritus of Music at Mount Allison University in 2003 following a 31-year university teaching career. An internationally recognized concert pianist, Janet was honoured in 2009 as one of 50 Ambassadors of Canadian Music by the Canadian Music Centre, a lifetime distinguished achievement award for musicians who have played an exceptional role in shaping Canadian music over the past 50 years. Her recitals of solo and collaborative piano music have been presented throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.
After her retirement from Mount Allison Janet offered ten innovative music appreciation courses for the Tantramar Seniors’ College, for four years wrote a regular column called Sackville Soundscapes for the Sackville Tribune-Post, and from 2015 to 2022 hosted her own 2-hour bi-weekly radio series, Fly Me To The Moon on Tantramar Community Radio.
A certified Deep Listening Artist, Janet has taught this meditative listening practice in California at Whittier College, at Mount Allison University and in other Atlantic Canada locations.
In May 2022 Janet received the honour of as Arts Builder on the Sackville Arts Wall, and in February 2023 she was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth ll Platinum Jubilee Medal.

More questions? Visit: Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Studies.
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