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Taste Lent with the 2019 Email Retreat Series. You receive it by email on six Saturdays. Read and ponder it on your own time. See full description below.

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Email Retreat Series 2019: Lent on a Plate

Table-sharing is more than feeding. It is a way of becoming nourishment and love for one another. Jesus brings a feast of Presence to his picnics, potlucks, dinner parties, breakfasts and snacks. We’ll explore these stories and discover themes that will guide and support our journey through Lent.

Each week we will focus on images from food stories with Jesus. We’ll consider wisdom themes of inner hospitality, abundance, inclusion, generosity, risk, and letting go.

The meals we set upon our kitchen table become the focus, not just of our nourishment, but of our spiritual practices and prayer.

This is what’s great about Lent on a Plate – every time we eat and drink we are reminded of God’s Presence and give attention to this ordinary sacrament.

Recipes are included!  Let this Lent be a feast of Presence.

Here’s What You Receive:
  1. Your retreat series arrives by email. Each retreat offers an opening, a brief meditation, questions for reflection, a recipe and story, and a spiritual practice.
  2. You receive a Welcome Email on Ash Wednesday March 6, which helps you prepare to receive your first retreat.
  3. Your receive six Email Retreats on the following six Saturdays.
  4. Too busy to keep up? Within your retreat is a button where you can download, save and print your retreat for a quiet time.
Ways to Use Your Retreat Series 
  1. Some people set aside a time to retreat once a week for an hour or more reflection, others use some of the retreat each day for the week.
  2. Some people use some of the retreat suggestions in addition to their regular
    daily practice.
  3. Some worship leaders shape worship for Lent around the themes of the retreat.
  4. Some group leaders use ideas from the series for worship, meetings, retreats or wellness gatherings.
You can share this retreat with a friend by “gifting this product” when you order. Read more here: How to Send a Gift Card.
 Please note: All 2018 Prayer Bench Yearly Subscribers will receive this retreat. You do not need to order it.  


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