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In this  six week retreat series, we explore practices inviting us to set aside the voice of judgement, the voice of cynicism, and the voice of fear. We seek grounding with open mind, open heart, and open will. More details below.

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It’s not easy in unsettling times to show up each day with an open mind, an open heart and open will. Often the voice of judging, the voice of cynicism, the voice of fear rises and holds us in a stuck place, or silences our good intentions, or stalls us from moving into the emerging future.

This retreat series draws on the work of Otto Scharmer, the wisdom tradition, and Lent scripture readings. The series invites us to pause, centre, and practice ways to open our whole selves to the invitation of the present moment.

We begin this email retreat series with a Welcome Email on February 14th. You will receive an email retreat each of the six Saturdays in Lent.

Each retreat in the series begins with an opening and pause, a scripture reading, a reflection, questions for journalling or pondering, suggestions for spiritual practice, supplemental resources to explore, and a blessing.
Here’s What You Receive:
  1. A Welcome Email on February 14th which helps you prepare to receive your first retreat.
  2. Six Email Retreats on the next six Saturdays.
  3. Within your retreat is a button where you can download and print your retreat.
Learn more about how Email Retreats Work and See a Sample Retreat.
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 Please note: All Prayer Bench Yearly Subscribers will receive this retreat. You do not need to order it. 
 To learn more about how Email Retreat you might want to read this post. About Email Retreats.


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