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Begin or end your day in Holy Week with a thoughtful email reflection inviting you deeper into a practice of compassion and the joy of Easter.

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Soul Songs

Jesus “went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed.” (Mark 1:35)  I like to imagine that Jesus sometimes turned to the Psalter, the ancient prayerbook, in his time of prayer. Perhaps in these Soul Songs he found the language, the images, the cry of his own heart.

Each day in our Holy Week series, we contemplate a Psalm that holds something of the journey of the day. We draw close to the One who also prayed these prayers. We seek comfort and insight in the ancient words, images, and cries of the heart. These evocative Soul Songs are a source of wisdom and awaken the spiritual heart. Because of our immersion in them, we hope to arrive in Easter without bypassing the suffering, and clothed in compassion and deeper in Joy.

What You Receive

  • You receive an email each day, beginning Palm Sunday, March 28 and ending on Easter Sunday, April 4.
  • Each email will offer a Psalm, a focusing prayer, a brief Soul Song reflection, and practice to awaken the heart. You can use Soul Songs at the beginning or ending of your day.

Soul Songs offers a creative and prayerful way to pause in Holy Week and deepen our practice of compassion bringing us into the Joy of Easter.

PLEASE NOTE: All 2021 Prayer Bench paid subscribers will receive this Holy Week resource as part of their package. 

This Email Holy Week Series is for personal reflection. If you wish to share the daily emails with a community of faith, please email Janice for information about guidelines and cost.


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