Advent EntryWays


Advent is for getting ready. It’s a time for intention, for looking with curiosity in the bare and wild places, for gathering up the beautiful strands of our anticipation, and celebrating our own personal “yes” as we prepare for Christmas. These email retreats invite you to make space in what can be a hectic time, and consider four EntryWays while crossing Advent’s threshold into Christmas.

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This is a retreat series. We will begin with a Welcome email on Wednesday, November 22, and you will receive your email retreats on Saturday, Nov. 25, and on Dec. 2, 9,16.
The retreat will follow the Lectionary (RCL) readings and use the images and metaphors as entryways exploring our personal Advent experiences.
Don’t Go Back to Sleep – Mark 13:24-37
Sometimes Bare and Wild – Mark 1:1-8
Anticipation at the Threshold- Psalm 126
Let Go. Let Come – Luke 1:26-38
Each retreat begins with centering and settling, introduction to scripture, a brief reflection, evocative questions for journalling or pondering, a spiritual practice and Advent blessing.
Here’s What You Receive:
  1. A Welcome Email on November 22th which helps you prepare to receive your first retreat.
  2. Four Email Retreats on the next four Saturdays.
  3. Within your retreat is a button where you can download and print your retreat.
Learn more about how Email Retreats Work and See a Sample Retreat.
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 Please note: All Prayer Bench Yearly Subscribers will receive this retreat. You do not need to order it. 

Written by Janice MacLean, Host of the Prayer Bench,
with Advent calls and blessings by Cora Krommenhoek, Fredericton, NB.