It happened in the Temple
the part that was more like a marketplace than a church,
a widow, poor
and of any imaginable age
pays her temple tax with two small coins,
a mite, but all she had.

And Jesus says something like:
“The truth is, this woman has put in more than all who have contributed to the treasury;
for they have put in money from their surplus,
but she put in everything she possessed from the little she had –
all she had to live on.”  -Mark 12:43-44

When have you known in yourself you would give everything,
everything for someone you loved?
Your kids perhaps? Your partner?

When have you felt you wanted to give more of your whole self
just because it was the right thing to do?
just because you were called by something deep in yourself?

And I wonder
when Jesus was sitting in the temple
surrounded by his disciples,
noticing the poor widow offering
all she had to live on
if he didn’t see himself in her:
An offering of self-giving Love.
An offering of self-giving Love.

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