Pam & Tilley Day 1

Pam's project

Pam Harrison, a friend of the Prayer Bench, is spending the winter in Olhos da Agua, Portugal. She wonders how she will live in an area of the world that is the hub of coronavirus.

“As of yesterday things sure changed!! The news and social media are so scary but the reality is I live in a beautiful place.”

She made a plan: “Every day I am going to take a picture of something beautiful and send it to friends and family. I will walk the beautiful beaches and enjoy the salt air and sunshine. Spend more time chatting with God, that is always fun. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables, my life will be full and my smile will be constant.” 

I’m grateful to be on Pam’s list. She has given permission to share her project with you. Here is her report and photos for Day 1.

It was a wonderful day! I am wearing my lovely Tilley hat to see something beautiful to share with you. See this “bottle brush tree” that comes from Australia. The lovely red blossom looks just like a bottle brush, as well you can see the seeds before they bloom . They are very common in beautiful Portugal. We live in a beautiful world full of wonder.

I made a great fresh salad, for friends in the building, and we ate together. The secret to a tasty salad is using honey for a salad dressing, just drizzle it over the top, maybe just a spoonful.

I think I will name these emails “ Pam and Tilly”- Enjoy!

We’ll check in with Pam now and then and share more of her photos and reflections with you.

Pam’s project is important. Let’s all practice seeing through the eyes of our heart and noticing something beautiful in each day.

Here are Pam’s pictures from Day 1.

The “bottle brush tree.”


Salad for supper

Salad for supper – with a drizzle of honey!

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