One Way of Seeing

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Ordinary, Reflections

This is the time of year to travel through the Cobequid Pass.

Marilyn and I enjoyed the patches of beauty as they appeared before our eyes.
Here a crimson delight.
There a carpet of colour.

At one vista where you overlook trees for miles and miles
(for “kilometers and kilometers” just doesn’t have the same poetic sound)
Marilyn  remarked how fortunate we are to see this beauty
when refugees have only a span of tents to look at.








Photo Credits: Marilyn Burrell & Getty Images


I’ve been holding the two images in my heart. One does not diminish the other.
Giving space to feel what each image evokes,
allows labels and judgement to fall away.
Beauty and pain join hands.
And there is only one way of seeing,
With the heart.
And the heart leads to prayer and action.
One way of being.

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  1. I love “the heart leads to prayer and action “…. may it be so.

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