“Now is the Time” Advent Small Group Study

by | Oct 10, 2020 | Reflections

Now is the Time: A Resource for Small Group Study or for Individual Study

“Imagine if COVID regulations were in place when Mary came to visit Elizabeth. She’s ring the doorbell and then stand back two metres. There would be no hug.”

The 2020 Advent Small Group Study explores what it means to live in liminal space and invites us to look for glimpses of new ways of being Love in the world.

Here is a SAMPLE from the Leader’s Guide.

Here is what is included in this Small Group Study

  • Access to a Study webpage . All your resources are in one place.
  • Leader’s Guide (includes the complete group process for four sessions: Gathering, Opening, Check-in, Discussion Questions, and a Group Spiritual Practice.)
  • Easily downloadable Audio Recordings for use in Session 1 and 3.
  • Easily downloadable Short Papers for use in Session 2 and 4.
  • A video alternative for Session 3 if desired.
  • Scripts of the Audio Recordings to download and photocopy.
  • Participants sheets with the questions for use in session or for take home reflection.
  • A customizable powerpoint presentation to use on Zoom
  • Downloadable image and customizable poster for the series. Social Media icon for promotion.

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“Our Advent  story is one of transformation. A new world birthed out of chaos and confusion. A new way arising out of compassion and justice.” – Janice MacLean

Download and review a SAMPLE from the Advent Leader Guide.  


“In religious terms, this process of emergence is very familiar to us: What is the ‘now and the not yet’ – the eschaton – that glimpse of the kingdom that we catch out of the corner of our eye but can’t quite see fully?”
Ruth Harvey

Leader of the Iona Community

“In Session One, we explore practices that help us to inhabit liminal space.
In Session Two, we think about what it means to be an emerging community of faith and how to keep our eyes open for glimpses of what is being born.
In Session Three, we hear about the signs of the times and listen for invitations.
In Session Four, we reflect on the time that is now through the eyes of John the Baptist.” 

Janice MacLean

Host of the Prayer Bench

“Things have come up during this time (COVID) that have been before us for many, many years. But they have really been emphasized in the last few months. When I think about the signs, there are three areas that are really coming up for me in these times…”

Laura Hunter

Minister for Justice & Mission

“Mark sure knows how to begin a story. No manger and babe, no confused would-be bridegrooms and scandalously pregnant young woman. Just this strange man, John [the Bpatist], standing his ground in a muddy river, assuring everyone around that they have been noticed and just in the nick of time, at that.”

Linda Yates


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