[Mark] All in a Day

“The disciples gathered around Jesus,
and told him all they had done and taught.”  – Mark 6:30

What a day.

The disciples return from their mission of teaching and curing the sick.
They gather around Jesus ‘telling him all they had done and taught.’
Jesus suggests they get away for a while.
‘Stop doing what you have been doing.’
Find rest and refreshment. Go for a boat ride!

That doesn’t work out. The crowds follow them to the deserted place. Jesus spends the day teaching. Then the crowd is hungry. So Jesus invites the disciples, fresh from their successful mission, to feed them. They laugh and say they don’t have a fortune anymore to spend on ministry.

Jesus asks ‘what do you have?’
‘Five loaves and two fish.’
That’s a joke really when faced with 5000 men (and apparently God-only-knows how many women and children)

Then blessing.  And abundance.‘ And they all ate and were filled.’

…. And  the day is not over.

Jesus packs the disciples into the boat and sends them over to the other side so he can get a few minutes alone to pray.
Evening comes.
A storm arises.
The disciples are straining to hold their space.
Jesus comes alongside them.
settling the chaos once again.

And finally, they land the boat at Gennesaret and the whole region brings people to touch even the fringes on this prayer shawl.

A day in the life ….

And today the story begins anew … making Jesus present wherever your mission is, resting till the new need is clear, trusting your abundance when faced with scarcity, making enough from not enough, giving food to the spiritually hungry, bringing comfort in chaos, and healing even those on your fringe.

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