Grace with Grace

by | Jul 29, 2015 | Ordinary, Reflections

We were walking early in the morning, Grace and I.
She saw a Real Estate sign and the agent was Grace!
She said she saw a church sign near her house: Grace United.

“Grace is a great word,” I said.
She looked interested.

It’s hard to define grace to a 7 year old Grace.

“It’s a free gift.”
Who know better than a kid that all true gifts are free?

“It means there are no rules you have to follow. God just loves us.”
Oops, I quickly moved from this angle. This could lead a child to trouble.

“Grace is another name for God.”
This got her interest.
For a second.
And that’s enough.

Perhaps if we could just grasp,
even for a second,
that the other name for God
is our name,
we would know ourselves Beloved.
We would know grace.


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  1. Grace is such an important word for me. My maternal Grandmother’s name. My middle name. A word that is God and signifies God in us. I am grateful for “Grace” and all that it represents in my life.

  2. Thanks Patsy. Truly … a word that is God and signifies God in us. Grace.

  3. I never thought of Grace that way. The only Grace I knew was a little girl in school long ago.

  4. Another name for God….my name…. Wonderful way to share/experience our deep deep connection with the divine… So much more than “a gift from God”….grace….life force within us… I’m feeling a WOW! Within.
    (I so appreciate how this prayer bench works.. I feel late to this post….yet it’s here when I’m here… And just aspowerful as when it was first shared…)

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