Maundy Thursday: The Situation is Fluid

They sit around.
There is urgency in the air.
This simple meal could end badly at any moment.
It’s that kind of tension.
It’s that close to disruption.

On Maundy Thursday the situation is very fluid.

Water washes feet.
Humble sign of service.
And there is yearning.

Words flow
Hard words of betrayal.
And there is agitation.

Photo: Heather MacDougall

Photo: Heather MacDougall

Wine poured out and cup shared.

“I in you.
You in me.
All in God.
God in all.”


This is Inter-abiding, s
ays Raimon Panniker, the Spanish Roman Catholic priest and “apostle of the interfaith movement.”

It means that Love flows in a circle.
It flows from Source,
in us,
through us,
making everything flow.
Always and forever.
This is an outpouring of Love
in water, in word, in wine.
Outpouring of Love
that death will not quench.

I have a beautiful metal bookmark from Grace Cathedral, San Francisco.
It says.

Be what you see.
Receive who you are.

And when we do
We are in Communion.

They sit around.
There is mystery in the air.
This simple meal will go on forever.
It’s that kind of remembering.
It’s that sort of meaning.

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  1. Than you Janice. I know those kinds of special moments. Thanks for helping me connect to what Jesus and his gang must have been feeling that evening .

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