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by | Jun 18, 2024 | Ordinary, Pause


“Ever since the creation of the world God’s eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been seen and understood through the things God has made.” Romans 1:20 

“We are created to read the book of creation so that we may know the Author of Life.” – Ilia Delio 



What did you notice about your experience of Eco Divina?

What do you already know intuitively about reading creation as a sacred text? 

Consider your response to these questions raised by Douglas Christie:
“Does the world have a voice? Does it beckon to us, call us toward an intimate encounter, toward a response of reciprocity, even love? Can we learn to listen and respond to this call, orient ourselves toward the world in a way that reflects a renewed sense of responsibility and care for the world?” – Douglas Christie, The Blue Sapphire of the Mind 

In what ways might the practice of Eco Divina support actions that awaken humans to the urgency of the present moment? How might you be a healing presence in the world? 

You are welcome to share your responses in the comments.

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  1. A lovely practice..thank you for sharing. Reading “the book of life…creation” through our senses. Listening and responding to what we hear..may I be open to hear and act on what is indicated.

  2. Loved the invitation to pause, look, engage and reflect allowing God to speak with out other noise inside my head. Wonderful way to start my day.

  3. May your day be full of blessings!

  4. Indeed you are!

  5. Thank you Janice. This has been a wonderfully refreshing reminder to return to nature a Divine and our relationship. So simple and yet profound.

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