Read Matthew 2:1-12

“… they set out; and there, ahead of them, went the star that they had seen at its rising until it stopped over the place where the child was.” (v.9)

This year let’s commit to living from a place of Epiphany. We’ll willingly travel the in-between way making hope and sifting new experiences out of old ways. We’ll watch for signs of truth, even if it makes us uncomfortable. We’ll stop and wait, even when we want progress or success or the satisfaction of completion.

We’ll follow a wild star. This star is a treasure of the darkness, a rising awareness. It beckons. It hides. It moves us and invites us to pause.

What we need is curiosity. This wisdom capacity defines the in-between way. We learn to trust its strength, its knowing, its desire. It is wild. It is not our own. It belongs to the common good. It has no home. It unnerves us even as it compels us. It leads us to a new way of seeing things.

What practices sharpen your senses to listen deeply to the beckoning of curiosity?
What obstacles need to be removed so you trust your own innate sensitivity to curiosity?
How would you define the “in-between way” in your circumstance?
Ponder ways curiosity belongs to the common good?

Where in your body does curiosity lead from? Be curious about this. Bring you attention to your eyes, throat, solar plexus, spine, arm, hand etc and see if you can find the tug of curiosity like a wild star showing you what to read next, or explore, or pray about, or write or see.