Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday brings us back to Earth.
What are these ashes?
Perhaps they are last Easter’s palm hosanna’s waved in joy,

now presented to the fire.
Once full of life,

now grey-shadowed dust
transformed, and lying in a waiting bowl.

Ash Wednesday brings us back to Earth.
These are the ashes of return.
Hold out your hand.

Expose your forehead.
Take your stand.

Ready your heart.
For this dark mark of Love
brings us back to Earth

Earth, so loved.
Ash Wednesday brings us back to Earth. 

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  1. love that!

  2. a memory suddenly returns – of friends arriving late during school – a feeling of awe, of some unusual respect, gray spot on the forehead, what special symbol on this boy who would be tossing the baseball next recess? I hope he still recalls the spirit.

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