I’ve had deadlines.
And most days I had to do this, and this, and this …
And get it done before the day was over.
It made for some long days.

And I’m guessing you are busy too?
The Fall always comes with a fresh round of opportunities,
responsibilities, getting back at it,
and there are those deadlines.

Here’s what helps keep me from burning the candle at both ends.

An oil lamp.
You know the kind?
A wick with flame alight and the other end submerged in oil.

The flame is my doing,
my light burning,
all my demands.

The oil?
that the grace of the Universe,
the flow of the Trinity,
the elegance of Presence,
You don’t need to worry about it.
The oil will always be there.

It’s keeping the wick in the oil that’s vital.

If I am doing these three things
(even one of them a day)
I know I am sustained.

Twenty minutes of centering prayer,
Getting my sneakers on (the hardest part of a walk,)
Spending time with readings from Wisdom Tradition.

That is enough.

And you?
What are the two or three practices you do everyday
to keep you from burning the candle at both ends?