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advent calendar

Imagine the excitement of a 19th century child invited to make the first chalk mark on the door. With 24 more marks it would be Christmas Day. Or look in the window of another 19th century home and a little one is placing the first bit of straw in the nativity crib. The countdown begins.

These were the early ways of marking Advent days with a sense of anticipation and hope.

A paper Advent calendar dates to around 1908 when a German printer, Gerhard Lang, designed the first one out of cardboard. In the early 1920’s he had the idea to cut out a little door that could be opened each day. Behind the door was a devotional picture or a scripture verse.

Marking Advent has a history of spiritual reflection, prayer and the lighting of candles.

Here the Prayer Bench Advent calendar and you can keep good company with the saints, the prophets, the mystics, the poets, the songwriters, the psalmists, the artists and musicians. We wait with them through Advent. Each one shares a bit of wisdom with us.

Visit the Prayer Bench website and the Facebook Group during Advent for related posts, music, art, poetry and suggestions for spiritual practice.

You can get your calendar here: Keeping Good Company Advent calendar 2023.

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