A Capacity for Seeing

by | Feb 1, 2024 | Reflections, Pause

Soon we give way to the season of Lent and enter the weeks of reflection that invite deeper contemplation on the habits of our days. 

Perhaps it is the daily views I see of lake and sky, trees and hills that makes me aware of seeing. Every day there a softness of hills, or beauty of pine trees carrying a weight of snow or a sunset infusing golden light. I see. And I am learning to see with far more than my eyes. 

The mystics speak of “seeing with the eyes of the heart.” When we see with a pair of eyes, we are able to take hold of what is before us. When we with the eyes of the heart, the mind opens, the soul yields to mystery and the heart softens. This kind of “seeing” changes us and with our inner vision expanded this perceiving can change the world. 

At Prayer Bench we journey through Lent on a path of sacred seeing. 

I’ll share reflections on the blog each week. We’ll deepen our capacity for seeing. We’ll seek guidance from the mystic’s gaze, the eyes of the poets, and the vision of the prophets. 

You are welcome to visit the PAUSE page on the website and practice Visio Divina (Sacred Seeing). There are photos there you can use or open your camera roll and spend time with images that attracted you. 

I am also offering a Prayer Bench Lent Retreat on the theme of Sacred Seeing. Through reflections, spiritual practice, quotes, and evocative questions there is opportunity to strengthen our inner vision and deepen our experience of the Divine within, among us, and in our world. 

As we perceive with more of ourselves and apply our hearts to the practice of gazing, we find ourselves gazing into the heart of Mystery. 

Lent Retreat Sacred Seeing

The pages of the Lent retreat will unfold different facets of sacred seeing helping us learn to perceive the world with the eyes of poets, prophets, and ordinary mystics. The reflections, practices, and creative activities invite us into a deeper experience of the Divine within and among us. 

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