Spiritual Resilience: Retreat


In these unusual days, we consider practices that help us cope, lament, craft calm, let go what we are not called to, and explore what gifts are emerging, perhaps unique to our own experience of such a time as this.


This a retreat you download, print if you wish,  and work through in your own home and on your own time. You can take as long as you like with it or complete it in an hour or two.

This edition of the 2020 Retreat Series looks at the theme of Making Spiritual Resilience.

We each experience differently the pressure caused by COVID-19, isolating, physical distancing and the other life challenges that are woven into this time. This retreat offers an invitation to “go to the balcony” and look at what is helping us connect with the Divine in such a time as this. We might be surprised. We look at the experience of “acedia” known to ancient monastic Christians, and perhaps, relevant for us in these days. We explore practices that ground us, support our courage, and even challenge us hold this space in a new way.

The retreat offers a suggestion for grounding, a reflection and stories, questions for journalling or pondering, and spiritual practices for you to explore.

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Here is the January Monthly Retreat as a gift for you. It will offer a taste of the format for these Retreats: How Then Shall I live.


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