Small Group or Individual Study: Life, Death & After

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“A good death begins with living in the present,”  says the Rev. Dr. Linda Yates, author of For The Death of Me: Accepting Death, Choosing Life.”  Facing death can be difficult, and begins with living a meaningful life. In this resource for small groups or for individual spiritual study, we also explore issues of Medically Assisted Death and Euthanasia. What do you think about life after death? We learn how our worldview affects what we believe about life after death. See full description below.


You may be interested in this resource as a SMALL GROUP STUDY.
You may be interested in using this resource as an INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL STUDY.

Read on to learn more what is included and how this study works.

There are three sessions In this Small Group Study or Individual Spiritual Study:

In Life – Linda shares what called her to write a book about death and outlines a surprising study about the curve of happiness in our living. We consider what it is to approach death by living a meaningful life.

In Death – “Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.” We hear these words in committal services. But before this, we may have to navigate the messiness of dying. This session offers information about Medically Assisted Death and Euthanasia, and considers practices for living with integrity.

Life After Death – In this session, you learn about four worldviews that affect what we believe about life after death; and we consider the value of ritual.

Some small groups might want to plan a fourth session or a congregational event with community resources (Funeral Director, Lawyer, Social Worker, Doctor etc.) to continue the conversation.


  • Three downloadable audio recordings presenting the theme;
  • A written script of the audio talks;
  • A Leader Page outlining a flexible one-hour group process with opening, centering, discussion questions, group spiritual practice and closing prayer;
  • Participant Handout Pages;
  • A Guide for Individual Study;
  • Access to a Life, Death & After webpage with supplemental resources.

An Internet connection is needed to access the audio recordings but once downloaded they are available to play from your computer. Once downloaded no internet connection is required.

The cost of this resource is $29. 

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linda-yates-bench-2012Linda was a Medical Laboratory Technologist in her first career, working in an Infectious Disease Research Lab for more than a decade. She felt the relentless call of God toward ministry, which resulted in her ordination in 1999. Her own personal experiences with cancer and the awesome resilience she has observed in the people she has served, has caused her to explore the relationship of spirituality, death acceptance and narrative.

Linda is an insatiable reader and a writer. She contributes frequently to many journals and popular publications. She also likes to knit, quilt, hike and hang out with her husband, Carl and their two Jack Russell Terriers. They have two adult sons who are the loves of their lives, Shane (Enrique) and Matthew (Sarah).

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  1. Natasha Pearen

    Great Resource that I used for a day long workshop about life and death! Slightly outdated now as MAiD has become legal but I was able to find information on the process for qualifying and receiving MAiD in my province to add to the materials provided.

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