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Inward winter is a season in our lives. We reflect on the ways we welcome winter space within us and open to the Deep Wisdom of this season.

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Winter. The trees are bare. The streets may be slushy or crunchy. A fresh snowfall is enchanting. A gusty wind is brutal. Perhaps you are enjoying fireside and fleece. Perhaps you appreciate snowshoeing and a colourful parka.

Whether you are “into” Winter or simply enduring it, this season offers gifts for the human spiritual journey. This is a time to seek the gift of clarity, stillness and promise. The energy of winter invites a quieting time and a contemplation of possibility, even as we stand “before the winter’s storms” in such a time as this.

It might not be winter where you are but “inward winter” is a season in our lives, and may or may not always happen during the forecasted winter. 

This a retreat you download, print if you wish, and work through in your own home and on your own time.

This retreat offers suggestions for creating a space for your retreat, a suggestion for creating sacred space and settling, a reflection on the theme of listening to winter, several questions to prompt wondering, art, journalling, and spiritual practice.

  • When you order the retreat, you receive a Confirmation Email with two downloadable PDF files: the retreat and a handout on Lectio Divina, Sacred Reading of Scripture.  Please email me if, for any reason, you don’t receive this email.

PLEASE NOTE: Prayer Bench PERSONAL AND GROUP subscribers will receive this Retreat as part of the 2021 Subscription packages. 

Let us listen to Winter.
I don’t mean the howling of winds or the silence of snowfall.
Listen to Winter, a wisdom teacher.

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Photo Credit: Margaret Priemer.


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