Pilgrim in Residence: Retreat


While the sacred places of the world offer an energy that situate us and ready our heart, the Desert Fathers and Mothers knew that staying home with intention has similar power. In this retreat, we are pilgrims in residence and our backyard is sacred ground.

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This retreat invites you to plan a pilgrimage for yourself. You won’t leave home. You decide how it will work for you. It will be different for all. You become a Pilgrim in Residence for whatever time you have.

Staying in your cell teaches us to how to make silence, how to listen to the voice that whispers when our restlessness settles, how to share communion with the landscape around us, how to make diligent effort in prayer and bind the wounds that come from living through our days.

The retreat offers suggestions for Getting Ready, for Departing, for Arriving and for Return.

This a retreat you download, print if you wish, and work through in your own home and on your own time. You can make a sunset to sunset retreat, or longer, or complete your pilgrimage in an hour or two.

  • You receive a Confirmation Email with two downloadable PDF files: The Retreat and a Spiritual Practice called “Visio Divina: Sacred Seeing.”. Please email me if, for any reason, you don’t receive them.

PLEASE NOTE: All 2020 Prayer Bench subscribers and group participants will receive this Retreat as part of the monthly email retreat series. 

Here is the January Monthly Retreat (2020) as a gift for you. It will offer a taste of the format for these Retreats: How Then Shall I live.


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