Holy Week Reflections (Individual)


“And Yet.”  Brief Reflections and Prayers for Holy Week 2022 from Palm Sunday to Easter morning.



Our Holy Week theme is “And Yet.” We reflect on a quote from Elie Weisel, who survived the horror of the Holocaust death camps and wrote several books, including Night.  Its wisdom is heartening for this time of upheaval as we linger through the effects of a pandemic, of war in the Ukraine, of violence and racism and other signs of planetary upheaval.

“And yet. These are my two favourite words, applicable to every situation, be it happy or bleak. The sun is rising? And yet it will set. A night of anguish? And yet it too, will pass. The important thing is to shun resignation, to refuse to wallow in sterile fatalism.”

Our reflections and prayers in this Holy Week series invite us into a new consciousness of Love. The daily scripture supports us, dares us, emboldens us. Our prayers steady us for action. We enter in. And yet, give thanks.


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