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More Than Friends is an innovative, flexible, affordable, web-based marriage preparation resource designed to be adaptable to the diverse situations of couples and communities of faith. See below or visit the More Than Friends website for information. More Than Friends

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More than Friends: Couple Purchase

More Than Friends is a pre-marriage resource that celebrates diversity even as it seeks to prepare couples for the blessings and challenges of long term marriage. It is a resource that can be used online or in face-to-face gatherings, with individuals or groups, and can easily be guided by clergy or lay leaders, or even self-guided.

Here are the themes of the five videos.

  1. Marriage is Daily. It is small daily practices that make a marriage that lasts.
  2. Communications & Family of Origin – Learning skills for healthy arguments and how Families of Origins influence how we communicate and more!
  3. Sexuality. Sexuality is a gift, a dilemma sometimes, and binds a couple together.
  4. Money. Money shows what you believe and what you value. It is hard to talk about and can be a major stress in a marriage.
  5. Spirituality. Spirituality is “God” and not just God; taking care of each other’s spirit and the well-being of your marriage.

In the Couple package, you will receive:

  • Permanent access to five videos (12-18 minutes in length). They are downloadable.
  • A Letter to Couple about this program.
  • A copy of the couple worksheets.

A USB drive with the five videos is available for and additional charge of $11 for materials and shipping. (No longer available; the videos are downloadable from the webpage.)

This Project hosted by the Prayer Bench. For more information, please visit the More than Friends Website. Click here to go to More Than Friends.

Please Note: When you register you will immediately receive an “Order Received” Email. Once your payment has been processed (within 24 hours or less if you paid by credit card or Paypal) you will receive a “Confirmation” Email with a web link and password to a webpage where you will find all your resources. Please email if you experience any issues. Email


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