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Know someone recently married or getting married soon? Offer a gift that goes beyond a Wedding Day. This is a MARRIAGE PREPARATION VIDEO RESOURCE that a couple can do on their own, before or after their wedding day. Learn more about the series in the description below. 

How to Send a Gift Card.
How to Redeem a Gift Card.

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More Than Friends is an innovative, flexible, affordable, web-based marriage preparation resource designed to be adaptable to the diverse situations of couples.

This resource offers seven downloadable videos and couple worksheets:

  • Marriage is Daily.
  • Communication & Family of Origin
  • Sexuality
  • Money & Meaning
  • Spirituality
  • Later in Life Marriages & Blended Families
  • Same Gender Marriages

When couples use your gift card in the Prayer Bench Shop, they will receive access to a webpage. They will be able to view and download the videos and worksheets.

Learn more about the video series, and preview a video on the More Than Friend Website.

How to Send a Gift Card


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