Deepening Silence


Seven sessions to guide and deepen your practice of making silence.

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Enter in and join in simple yet powerful practice of holding silence. You bring whatever time you have in making silence. You bring goodness to our world through the fruit of silence and rising from silence for our work in the world.

Each session offers an Opening to help you settle, a brief Reflection sharing insights into silence, and a Practice to deepen your connection to this experience of deepening silence.

There are seven sessions:

  1. The Language of Silence
  2. The Fear & Desire of Silence
  3. Quiet Enough to Imagine
  4. “Is There Silence Enough for the Word to be Heard?”
  5. Silence in Nature
  6. Making Silence is Counter Cultural
  7. One-ing the Soul

Silence resides within and around each of us, and yet, at times, it is endangered. The practice of silence allows us to observe, perceive, and then act.

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