Sunset-to-Sunset Retreat: The Pull of God


THIS RETREAT IS POSTPONED FOR NOW. Please do not order. It will be re-scheduled at another time. Check back later for new details.





“What in your life is calling you,
when all around is silenced,
the meeting adjourned … the lists set aside,
and the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark forest…
what still pulls on your soul?” – Rumi

There are Two Ways to use this Retreat Guide:
1. At home by yourself or share this retreat with two friends
2. Or join online with a Zoom option.

Register now and decide later what works for you. Everyone who registers gets the written  scripts from the input reflections  and the audio recordings.

The Theme:
In this thin time of our lives, we make retreat space in our own home to connect with our spiritual ancestors and to deepen our capacities for supporting the common good in the world God loves.

As the sun sets on our day, we turn our energies to quieting our souls. We connect with the story of spiritual ancestors who guide us.  We settle. We share Night Prayer. We rest.

The next morning begins but this day is special. We make an agenda that supports our deepest desires for these retreat hours. We contemplate the arc of goodness and how we can be part of healing the world. The Retreat Guide will offer support with prompts for reflection and spiritual practices. It even has a simple recipe for lunch to encourage mindfully reflecting through the work of our hands.

We re-collect toward the end of the retreat and sense what is pulling on our souls in this time.

ZOOM OPTION For The Pull of God: A Sunset-to-Sunset Retreat
November 1 & November 2

All times in Daylight Savings Time for Moncton NB. Check your time here.
We gather three times on Zoom:
Nov. 1 at 7pm: Welcome and Introduction on Zoom: “For Saints, who from Our Labours Rest.”
Nov. 2 at 1:30pm: Input on Zoom: “Joining with Spiritual Ancestors in Participating in the Arc of Goodness.”
Nov. 2 at 4:30pm: Gathering on Zoom and sharing in small groups using a process of mutual invitation.

Suggested Agenda for Your Retreat at Home
Getting Ready 
Reflection: “For Saints, who from Our Labours Rest.”
Making Retreat on your own:  Slow Reading, Prayer, Being.
Night Prayer (liturgy in the Retreat Guide.)
Silence and Rest

Arise and greet the day.
Sitting with a coffee/tea, reading, contemplative walk, practices (see Retreat Guide)
Prayers for Peace & Justice (liturgy in the Retreat Guide.)
Preparing Lunch
Reflection/Presentation: “Joining with Spiritual Ancestors in Participating in the Arc of Goodness.”
Making Retreat on your own:  Slow Reading, Prayer, Being. Rest.
Closing your retreat: Journaling, Contemplative walk, Prayer, Creative Expression.

The Retreat Guide is flexible and you can shape your retreat for the time you have.

Here is what is included in your sunset-to-sunset retreat:

  • A downloadable Retreat Guide you can print, with suggestions for making a retreat, liturgy for Night Prayer, Prayers for Peace and Justice, prompts for spiritual practice, suggested reading and websites, and space for your reflections.
  • An optional Zoom link with three opportunities to connect with others.
  • Two audio recordings and script of the presentations/reflections sessions.
  • Permission to share this retreat with 2 friends so you can retreat together.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m working on the Retreat Guide and it will be mailed to you by Saturday, October 9 along with the Zoom information. 

Plan your retreat when it works for you using the audio recordings and printed scripts. Or join in on Zoom on  Nov 1-2.

You receive the Retreat Guide by October 9th. You will be emailed the recordings/scripts of input by November 4. Retreat on your own or with up two other people sharing this resource.

If you want to share this retreat with more than two friends, please email me for details. Email Janice 

Questions? Email Janice  


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