Advent Wake/Sleep Prayers


Four suggestions for your Advent spiritual practice and 26 prayers for Dec. 1-26.


We’ve all had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night. It’s not always something we embrace.

Yet, experts say before the Industrial Revolution this “segmented sleep” was normal. Folk went to bed early, rose during the night for an hour or two, and returned to sleep until morning.

Tradition suggests that early Celts woke during the night, rose to make sure the smoored (smothered) hearth fire was still burning.
This middle-of-the-night time is embraced by some who enjoy rising to light a candle in the quiet of the night. It is a freer time perfect for gentle reading and reflection. It is also a space for prayer. 

Here is a collection of 26 Wake/Sleep prayers for your use from December 1-26. (You can pray them anytime!)

Prayers include …..
The Prayer of the Owl
The Prayer of One Waking in Pain
The Prayers of the Innkeepers Who Said No
The Prayer of the Shepherds Who Washed Their Socks 
The Prayer of the Worried Father

You may choose to rise in the middle of the night ….
OR you can pray your prayers at bedtime or in the morning!
Like the 2020 collection of Night Prayers, these Wake/Sleep prayers include four Advent spiritual practices to use in the morning light to help ground the prayers and deepen our Advent reflection.

Register now and your Wake/Sleep prayers and practice will be emailed to you by November 19. 

Wake/Sleep Prayers are written by Prayer Bench friend, Heather MacDougall, and Janice MacLean. 

Please note: All 2022 Prayer Bench paid subscribers receive Wake/Sleep Prayers as part of the yearly package.
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