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Stroll for Your Soul offers 21 days of accompaniment through a brief email delivered early each morning to your inbox. Each email will offer a practice, or a reflection, or a video, or a photograph giving direction and encouragement to your time spent strolling.

The Stroll emails will help you notice the green and growing glories of Spring. If you are a regular walker, they offer practice at paying attention and being in the present moment. Weave silenceand mindful reflection into whatever minutes you have to give to yourself. Deepen your awareness of seeing the Divine in the ordinary and practice being in the present moment with these daily emails.

Our 2020 Theme is Patterns ….  Isn’t that a great theme for our 2020 Stroll for Your Soul theme. I am delighted to share the creation of Stroll with Caroline Bindon of Kereru Publishing in New Zealand. Caroline and I will explore the unique spirituality of our landscapes from very different parts of the world, and we look for patterns in song, scripture and our everyday experiences. Caroline brings particular attention to experiential prayer. Come Stroll with us!

Click here for a sample Stroll Email from the 2019 Waymarks Theme:

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