Soul Deepening for Ordinary Mystics

Ordinary Mystics

  • Seek to make a difference in the world God loves, especially in this liminal time, through their spiritual practice.
  • Yearn to respond to invitations to solitude and silence.
  • Desire to see beauty all around and explore meaning and mystery within and around.
  • Go beyond the ordinary, are open to new learning, and willing to be impacted by your own discoveries.
  • Give attention to the human spiritual journey by creating retreat space at your own time and in your own home.
  • Like feeling connected to a diverse online community, or perhaps you want to gather a small group and need a resource that invites deep conversation and offers group spiritual practices.

The Prayer Bench offers creative resources for your soul deepening.

Delivered to your inbox, Email Retreats deliver a retreat to your inbox, and you make space to retreat when you are able.  Each one offers suggestions for creating space, a written reflection, journal (evocative) questions, ideas for spiritual practice and a blessing.

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Developed throughout the year, Small Group Studies are available to you when you register. You receive access to a private webpage and password. There you will find easily downloadable audio files or study papers with teaching or reflections, a Leader Guide with everything you need for a one hour session, Participant Pages and Additional Resources (including a script of the audio recording). Small Group Studies are valued for their ability to evoke deep conversation and always offer group spiritual practices. They are sometimes based on Lectionary Readings or explore a theme. 

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Unplugged at the cottage and have space and time for reflection? Planning a sunset-to-sunset retreat? Need a nourishing day off? Have a few days of study leave or continuing education? Print and download a Prayer Bench Retreat or Individual Study Package and find an array of resources to enrich your mystic soul. Available now in the Prayer Bench Shop.


The most popular resource in the Prayer Bench Shop. Are you a fair weather person needing encouragement to get back in your walking shoes? Are you a runner seeking mindfulness on your daily run? Are you a biker, a hiker, a skate boarder wanting inspiration with your exercise? Stroll (or Roll) for Your Soul invites mindful attention and offers 21 Emails delivering incentive, focus and inspiration to your inbox. Sign up as an Individual, or register a a group of friends or a community of faith for $50 (unlimited numbers) Learn more about Stroll for Your Soul in the Prayer Bench Shop


For best value, check out the Subscriber packages. A Personal and Leader package is made available in December and January. Receive resources all year for a fraction of the cost. See all that is included in the Prayer Bench Shop. 


A retreat or workshop offers time away for reflection and opens the possibility of an encounter with the Holy in the depth of our being. Is your group looking for leadership for a day away or for a retreat; or perhaps facilitation for a workshop? I’d love to talk with you about possibilities! Email me and we’ll talk.

Live further away? Gather a group and Skype me in to offer brief times of reflection. You also receive a Retreat Guide with suggestions for worship/gatherings and suggested spiritual practices. Or consider one of the Individual Spiritual Studies and make your own retreat or Continuing Education. Email me for more information.

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Is your life busy? Longing for a soul pause? Are you seeking the sacred in the ordinary? Perhaps hoping to find soul deepening resources? Do you want to journey in your own time and at your pace yet in company with an internet community? Welcome! Have a look around.

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