Worship Sheets


A collection of 10 meditations designed for various use: personal devotions, for worship leaders and occasional worship leaders seeking inspiration for worship, or use as they are in groups, meetings or worship.


A collection of 10 meditations designed to inspire reflection, prayer, and spiritual deepening in a variety of worship settings.

As a worship leader myself, I wrote these meditations and shared them with my own community, selecting those that spoke with some resonance to people’s lives. Now, I’m excited to share them with you, and I hope they can be a source of inspiration for you too.

Whether you are seeking a resource for personal devotions or looking to spark ideas for your own worship services, these meditations offer something for everyone. You can also print and use them as they are. They explore a wide range of themes, from gratitude and forgiveness to healing and renewal, and are designed to be adaptable to a variety of settings and voices.

I believe these Worship Sheets can be especially helpful in situations where occasional worship leaders are called upon to lead a service, whether due to a minister being away, ill, or during a pastoral vacancy.

The information within the [square brackets] indicate the time of year they might be particularly useful.


1:  And Sarah Laughed.
Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7 and Psalm 30 [General]

2:  Refresh My Heart.
The Letter to Philemon [General]

3:  By the Beautiful Gate.
Acts 3:1-10 [General |After Easter]

4: Changes and Challenging Times.
Exodus 14:19-21 [General|Anniversary]

5:  Hope.
Various poems from Isaiah [Advent|Christmas| 4th Lent]

6:  Temptations.
Matthew 4: 1-11  [Lent| Good Friday]

7:  Spirit of the Eggplant, On the Table.
Acts 2:1-11 [Pentecost | General | Communion or Agape]

8:  What is Your Name?
Genesis 32:22-30 [General]

9:  Things Will Even Out.
Isaiah 40:1-11 [Advent | White Gift | General]

10: Like a Rock.
Various verses from the Psalms [General]

Written by Janice MacLean, Host of the Prayer Bench.

When you order the retreat and payment is complete, you receive a Confirmation Email with both a downloadable PDF file and WORD file of the “Worship Sheets.”  Please email me if, for any reason, you don’t receive this email.

Permission is given to print and use or adapt for personal devotions, in small groups, or in worship services.

A Sample Worship Sheet to Read #1 And Sarah Laughed


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