Vol. 2 Let Us Pray: A Digital Collection of Prayers


This SECOND volume contains a set of prayers for every Sunday in Epiphany, Lent & Easter. It is part of a comprehensive collection of prayers organized into four volumes, covering the different seasons of the church year and special occasions.


Let Us Pray: A Digital Collection of Prayers is an online resource created by Jane Doull, a writer, adult educator, and spiritual seeker who has been leading worship in rural prairie and Maritime churches for almost four decades. The collection is a compilation of prayers for worship organized into four volumes that cover various seasons in the church year and special occasions. The prayers are written in a simple and accessible language, without abstract theological language.

This is the second volume in this series.

There are more than 183 prayers in this package. In the first section Prayers for Epiphany, there are:

  • 10  Invitations for Gathering
  • 8  Opening/Centering Prayers
  • 6  Prayers of Confession/Searching
  • 9  Offering Prayers
  • 12  Prayers of the People
  • 13  Words of Blessing & Parting

In the Prayers for Lent, there are:

  • 9  Invitations for Gathering
  • 14  Opening/Centering Prayers
  • 9  Prayers of Confession/Searching
  • 12  Offering Prayers
  • 12  Prayers of the People
  • 16  Words of Blessing & Parting

In the Prayers for Easter season, there are:

  • 8  Invitations for Gathering
  • 14 Opening/Centering Prayers
  • 5   Prayers of Confession/Searching
  • 10  Offering Prayers
  • 6  Prayers of the People
  • 10  Words of Blessing & Parting
Volume #2 is available to order now for $25.  FOR YOUR INFORMATION: All who order Volume #1 are invited (by email) to purchase the three remaining volumes for a total of $50. Volume 3 and Volume 4 will be available individually for $25 each.
  • This volume has 66 pages of prayers. There is a complete set of prayers for each Sunday from January 6 (Epiphany) to the end of the Easter season.
  • While they don’t follow a particular lectionary, the prayers reflect seasonal themes and include special Sundays like: New Year, Transfiguration, Thunking Day, Annual Meeting, Palm/Passion Sunday, and Earth Sunday.
  • A PDF file and a WORD file with a linked table of contents for ease of use.
  • Permission to use and adapt the prayers for your context with credit.
 Let Us Pray is a valuable resource: 

for worship leaders,
for those looking for prayers for group meetings,
for anyone seeking engaging prayers for their quiet time or devotional reading.


Volume #1 (available here in the Prayer Bench Shop)
Prayers for Creation & Ordinary Time, Advent & Christmas for each Sunday from September to the end of December. 

This Volume #2
Prayers for Epiphany, Lent & Easter Sunday.

Volume #3 (available before February 1, 2024)
Prayers for Easter season, Pentecost & Ordinary Times.

Special Occasions Package #4 (available by March 2024)
Prayers for Advent candle lighting, Lent rituals, Communion prayers, Prayers for Solstices, Blessings of Animals, Prayers for other Dedications and Blessings.

Here is an 11 page sample package from so you can get to know Jane and sample some prayers, and the style and theology in her prayer-making.

Sample of Prayers & Other Information Let Us Pray: A Digital Collection of Prayers

This is a digital resource. When you order and payment is cleared, you receive a PDF and a WORD file in your confirmation email. You can download, save and/or print the files. You will also receive a READ ME FIRST file and a sample of the prayers you can share with others. Please contact Janice by email if you have any questions.

Jane Doull, a writer, adult educator, and spiritual seeker, has been leading worship mostly within rural prairie and Maritime churches for almost four decades. She lives in the small coastal resort town of St Andrews, New Brunswick, with her two cats. Her passions include creation, languages, literature, music, art, justice-seeking, theology, and good conversation.
Jane says, “I started writing my own prayers when printed resources did not say what I wanted said. I try to write simply, without abstract theological language. I try to open safe space for various life situations and spiritual paths. I try to write from an expansive, creation-centred, justice-seeking perspective. Our words always fall short of expressing the Divine, and so I vary my language and imagery, to allow various points of connection with Divine Presence.
I write always for contexts and communities, and so I encourage you to adapt these prayers for yourself or for your spiritual community, as long as you continue to credit my work.”


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