Summer Sabbath Series: A Fine Line

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NEW! Summer Sabbath: A Fine Line 
Four Devotions for the Road, Cottage or When your Church Closes for a Summer Sabbath. Lots more information below! 


Summer Sabbath Series 2019
Four Devotions for the Road, Cottage or When your Church closes for a Summer Sabbath.

  • A new resource to deepen your spirituality when relaxing this summer.
  • Is your church taking a Summer Sabbath and closing for a few weeks? Here is a resource to share.

The series is titled A Fine Line.
Think of all the ways we use the word “line.”  We have lines of poetry or music, walking the line, all along the line, line of fire, line of duty, out of line, read between the lines, lining your pockets, hold the line, flat line, getting a line on information and many more phrases. A row of persons is a line up, there are lines on a map, we read between the lines and to draw we create a long, thin line. We have clotheslines, fishing lines and line drives in baseball. So many lines.

In this Summer Sabbath series we consider lines. Fine lines.

The pattern is simple. There is a scripture to read and a short focussing verse. There is a reflection to ponder. The prayer is meant to be a breath prayer. It is a short phrase you can learn by heart and use throughout the day/week. The practice is a way of putting words into action and deepening your spirituality. Use it everyday for a week.  Use the spaces between the lines for drawing, doodling, writing a poem or a prayer or journalling your thoughts or Sabbath experiences. 

Here is the Outline:
Theme 1. SEEK: All Along the Line
Be intentional about noticing the places you find yourself this summer and awaken to the gifts of nature. Be present in the world with soft eyes and open heart.

Theme 2. WONDER: A Lined & Weathered Face. 
Oh, the wonder of who we are, made of Love, filled with Love and meant for Love. Spend time in the summer sun wondering about our unique gift to the world.

Theme 3: CHERISH: Fishing Lines, Clotheslines, & Line Drives
It’s summer and perhaps we find ourselves fishing, hanging beach towels on a line, or playing (or watching) baseball, everything we do is a practice of cherishing the daily and seeing the Divine in the ordinary.

Theme 4: RECREATE: A Long, Thin Line 
It’s summer-time and now there is opportunity for our bodies to rest and our hearts to be made new. Plain and simple, a good summer restores our soul and makes a difference. Sabbath practices help.

Print this small booklet to nurture and enrich your summer-time space. Take it with you on the road or to the cottage to deepen your Summer Sabbath. Read one devotion and practice for seven days before reading the next one.


Perhaps you belong to a community of faith that takes a Sabbath break over the summer and closes for a few weeks. This small booklet offers devotions to use on four Sundays. Know you are joined in prayer and community with many others.

Here’s the line on what is included:
1. An easily downloaded and ready to print  PDF file with four devotions (6 double-sided pages)
2. An easily downloaded and ready to personalize WORD file. Make it personal for friends, members of your group or congregation. There is space for you to offer a welcome or greeting on on page 3.
3. Permission to print up to unlimited copies to share with your friends, handout for the summer for use in cottages or road trips. Photocopy as is or use your printer settings to make a booklet.
4. Permission to use as the basis of a Summer Worship Series.
5. Permission to print in newsletters or use on private Facebook group page. But not on public social media posts or websites for obvious reasons! And if you can think of other uses, just ask! 

You will receive a Word and PDF files in your confirmation email immediately upon ordering and when payment is cleared. Please email me if you have any issues. 


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