Sacred Seeing Lent Retreat


Journey through Lent seeing with the eyes of the heart in this Lent retreat designed to help us deepen our experience of the Divine. 

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Journey through Lent on a path of sacred seeing. We’ll explore practices to deepen our experience of the Divine. 

Through the reflections, practices, quotes, and evocative questions you’ll have opportunity to strengthen your inner vision and deepen your experience of the Divine within, among us, and in our world. 

We’ll get ideas from the mystic’s gaze, the eyes of the poets, and the vision of the prophets. 

This Prayer Bench Lent retreat offers suggestions for creating your Lent space/altar-table to help focus your Lent intentions. The pages of the retreat will unfold different facets of sacred seeing helping us learn to perceive the world with the eyes of poets, prophets, and ordinary mystics. The reflections, practices, and creative activities invite us into a deeper experience of the Divine within and among us. 

What you receive: 

  • A retreat with a variety of prompts to use during the season of Lent. There are reflections written by Janice, quotes to ponder, spiritual practice to try, ideas for journalling and suggestions for creative expressions to help deepen our capacity for sacred seeing. 
  • You can download and print your retreat. There are 12 pages to explore.
  • You have access to a password protected webpage at Prayer Bench where you will find additional resources including links to poems, videos to watch, guided meditations and songs. These are optional resources to enhance your retreat. 
  • If you choose, you can share your reflections, poems, prayers and photos by emailing them to Janice. They will be posted with your permission on the private group Lent Retreat page on Prayer Bench. 
Read the first three pages of the Retreat


Choose Your Retreat.:

You may choose to purchase your Sacred Seeing Lent Retreat in one of two ways. 

As a Personal Retreat for the use of those living in your household. The retreat is yours and you make one copy for your use. $15

With a Group License. This gives you permission to print and distribute the Lent Retreat and/or download and email the retreat with a group of friends or within a community of faith. The one who buys the license is welcome to print as many copies or email as many copies of the original as desired. It is expected that those who receive it will not make or send additional copies. $40


If you have questions, please email Janice [

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Group License, Personal Retreat


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