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Read five books during the year and deepen your contemplative journey; a Book Circle led by Janice MacLean, host of the Prayer Bench. 

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A Book Circle guided by Janice MacLean, host of the Prayer Bench.
An opportunity to read five books during the year and deepen your contemplative journey.

You receive:
1. A list of five books: a children’s story, two novels, a spirituality book and a collection of meditations that help us get to know a medieval mystic.
2. At the beginning of February, April, June, September and November you receive by email an introductory small paper introducing the book and offering a contemplative lens for reading the book.
3. You are invited to a group conversation on Zoom; this isn’t an ordinary book discussion but an opportunity to deepen your insights through music, quiet, and sacred listening and supportive sharing (as you wish). It doesn’t even matter if you’ve read the entire book! The gathering will be recorded and available to all later.
4. You receive a Spiritual Practice to till the ground to receive insights and lean into the next book.

Many of the books are available in local libraries.

The dates and times when we set when the group is formed and we know times zones.

The Book Circle is also included in the Personal & More 2024 Subscription series.

Questions? Please contact Janice.





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