Pause & Practice Lent Series

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In Lent we are invited to PAUSE. We take a breath. We linger on the threshold of Easter and set an intention. This Pause and Practice series invites you to renew your spiritual practice through six ways of being in the world.



Often we get caught up in the circumstances of life and fail to recognize Presence shining through everything. A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE is an intentional way we shape our lives toward the One we name God. Our intention is to be to be open to the Divine with deeper awareness and responsiveness and invite a sense of Mystery into the activities of our day.

Mindful Eating
Gospel Contemplation
Contemplative Service
Eco Divina
Centering Prayer
Active Prayer.

Whether you are familiar with our six ways of practicing or learning a new one, this series provides space to Pause & Practice.

 What You Receive with this Resource 

When you register, you receive an email each Saturday in Lent highlighting one way to practice. You choose how to use it. You might want to try it for a week or incorporate it into your established practice. 

Your email will have a downloadable video recording.  It is a simple video with one central image to help you focus on the words. It gives background to the practice and outlines the process so you can try it. There is also an “audio only” recording if you prefer. 

You will also receive a page with a suggestion for a Pause before you begin, and prompts for reflection or journalling, along with a script highlighting what is said on the recording.

 Using this Resource with a Group 

If you want to use this resource with group, perhaps for a Lent Lunch or Worship series or the basis for a Small Group Study, you can. You can email me and ask to receive access to the whole series so you can plan.

 An Introductory Video 


When you register and pay, you receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  Please check your “junk” box if you don’t receive it or contact me.

Please note that this is an online resource. You receive, by email, one practice each Saturday in Lent.

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