Navigating Mystery: Advent Study


In this three week Small Group Study we ponder a question posed by the writer and teacher, Martin Shaw, “What if we re-framed ‘living with uncertainty’ to ‘navigating mystery?'” Also included, an resource for an Advent All Ages event: “All Creation Waits.”

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Advent offers evocative scripture stories and images for navigating mystery.

In this three week Small Group Study we ponder a question posed by the writer and teacher, Martin Shaw, “What if we re-framed ‘living with uncertainty’ to ‘navigating mystery?‘”

Session 1:
Darkness boldly invites us into a mysterious unknown and into a circle of time to help us understand the signs of the time.

Session 2:
Wilderness invites a greater awareness of who we are in this world. We sense a longing for “place-making.” Will a strengthened appreciation for place evoke a deeper commitment for the world God loves?

Session 3:
Opening to risk and relinquishment invites courage. Each time we discern Mystery’s announcements, we deepen our awareness of what is being birthed within us and among us.

 What You Receive in this Small Group Study 

  • Access to a webpage where you find everything you need to lead these sessions. (All resources available by October 30th at the latest.)
  • Leader’s Guide (includes the complete group process for three sessions with suggestions for: Making Stillness, Check-in, Introduction to the scripture focus, Content delivered through listening to audio recording, Discussion Questions, and a Group Spiritual Practice.
  • Easily downloadable Audio Recordings for use in each session.
  • Scripts of the Audio Recordings to download and photocopy and share with participants
  • Downloadable image and customizable poster for the series. Social Media icon for promotion.
  • This resources also includes an Advent resource for All Ages, called “All Creation Waits.”  Based on the Advent themes in Waldorf education, this recourse offers suggestions for a 2-3 hour event inviting reflection and gratitude toward the different realms of Earth: stones and minerals, plants, animals and humankind. 

 How Do Prayer Bench Small Group Studies Work? 

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