Lent Retreats & Holy Week Reflections


Lent offers a season of reflection. We make our journey applying our hearts to wisdom through a Lent retreat, delivered in two parts, plus daily Holy Week meditations.



“What in your life is calling you,
when all around is silenced,
the meeting adjourned … the lists set aside,
and the wild iris blooms by itself in the dark forest…
what still pulls on your soul?”  – Rumi

Prompted by the invitation in the Rumi quote, our Lent Email Retreat, delivered in two parts, invites us to “apply our hearts to wisdom” and awaken our senses to what pulls on our soul as we journey through time and space.

We risk letting go what supports our busyness and learn to listen in wilderness and garden.  We learn to perceive with more of ourselves as we practice the Wisdom way in our routines, timetables, and the habits of our days. This changes us and transforms our world.

The Holy Week email series uses the wisdom of a short phrase by Elie Weisel to further our reflection.“And yet. These are my two favourite words, applicable to every situation, be it happy to bleak.” Practicing these words has the power to change everything.” – Elie Weisel

Make your way through Lent with the EMAIL RETREAT called The Pull of God  which is delivered by email in two parts.
PLUS –  Meditations & Prayers for Holy Week also delivered daily by email.

Here is what You Receive:
The Pull of God, Part 1: delivered on March 2 (Ash Wednesday)
The Pull of God, Part 2:delivered on March 26 (Mid Lent)
Daily Holy Week Email Meditations & Prayers during Holy Week.

Each part of your Lent retreat includes:

  • A suggestion for creating your Lent altar-table and settling into your retreat. You retreat in your own home in your own time.
  • The theme deepened through written reflection and praying the scripture.
  • Several prompts to evoke your own reflection and creative expression,
  • Suggestions for spiritual practice during Lent.

The Holy Week series includes a brief meditation and prayer and uses the Holy Week scriptures and images considered by Dr. Wil Gafney in her book, A Women’s Lectionary for the Whole Church.

PLEASE NOTE: Prayer Bench 2022 PERSONAL AND GROUP paid subscribers will receive this Retreat as part of the 2022 Subscription packages.

When you register and pay, you receive a confirmation email.

The Pull of God, Part 1 is delivered on March 2 (Ash Wednesday)
The Pull of God, Part 2 is delivered on March 26 (Mid Lent)
The Holy Week Meditations are delivered daily from Palm Sunday to Easter


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