Lent Personal E-mail Retreat: I Am


Journey toward the mystery of Easter by exploring the seven sayings of the Wisdom Jesus. See description below.

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Lent Person E-mail Retreat
I am
Janice Maclean, Host of the Prayer Bench and Heather MacDougall, her ancient friend.

Bread. Light. Gate. Vine, The Way. Life.
Journey toward the mystery of Easter by exploring the sayings of the Wisdom Jesus. These ordinary metaphors help us notice blessing in our lives. And they point to everyday spiritual practices that help deepen our contemplative life. Take time this Lent to discover goodness and grace in the human journey.

Each retreat offers suggestions for settling, reflection, journal questions, spiritual practice and a blessing.

Look here to see Session 3 of last year’s personal e-mail retreat.

What you will receive:

  • A Welcome e-mail and six weekly e-mail retreats beginning Wednesday, February 10, 2016. You retreat at your own time, in your own space.
  • A copy of the retreat to download and print so you can retreat away from your computer.

The cost of this Email Retreat is $25. Want to do this retreat with a friend? Just order two and put their name, email address and a message in your order upon checkout. I will send a beautiful E-mail gift message. There is space for giving one gift at checkout. If you wish to make additional gifts, please enter name/email in the NOTES section. Thank you.

If you can receive Email you have all the technological know-how you need for this retreat!

Please contact me by at this email if you have questions or issues.


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