Interfaith: Being Love in the World


A Five Week Small Group Study exploring common threads among our world’s wisdom traditions. See full description below.


Interfaith: Being Love in the World

Interfaith minister, Kathy Roy, helps us explore the mystical heart of our world’s wisdom traditions by naming common threads and helping us cultivate the fruits of the spirit and be Love in the world.

This is a gentle introduction to Interfaith and Interspirituality aimed at looking at the beauty in all traditions. As we better understand one another and create interfaith friendships, we overcome biases and misconceptions and realize there is more that unites us than divides us.

Naming the gifts and treasures in all traditions often invites a deepening of our own tradition.

There are five sessions:
Session 1: Introduction to Interfaith
Session 2: Building Bridges, Bearing Fruit
Session 3: Open to the Sacred
Session 4: Holy Words
Session 5: Being Love in the World

A group may choose to offer additional sessions by visiting a place of worship together, or welcoming Interfaith neighbours for conversation.

 What You Receive in this Small Group Study 
  • Leader’s Guide (includes the process for each session: Gathering, Opening, Check-in, Discussion questions, and a Group Spiritual Practice.)
  • Five easily downloadable Audio Recordings with a teaching for each session.
  • Five Scripts of the Audio Recordings to download and photocopy
  • Downloadable image and customizable poster for the series.
 How Do Prayer Bench Small Group Studies Work? 

When you register and pay, you receive an email with information to access a private webpage. You will find the Leader’s Guide and all the resources you need.  

More questions? Visit: Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Studies.
or Email Janice.  A preview of Session 1 is available by request. 

This Small Group Study is offered by Kathy Roy, with process by Janice MacLean 
Kathy Roy is trained as an adult educator, a spiritual director and Life Coach. She works one-on-one with clients and facilitates programs and retreat experiences that foster a contemplative way of living. She has a passion for learning about the mystical heart of the world’s wisdom traditions and in 2017, she was ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister through One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York. Kathy has a heart for nature and can often be found walking the local beaches, gathering inspiration for her working and living.


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