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This healing meditation Audio Recording, created by Karen MacLeod-Wilkie and produced by Nicholas Wilkie offers a series of meditations, from 9-20 minutes in length, to guide your healing journey. Learn to let go, to be more grounded, to reclaim joy, to reconnect to your body and to seek wisdom. Here is a four minute sample from the Cleansing Meditation. Listen.

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These five meditations are guided by Rev. Dr. Karen MacLeod-Wilkie. Karen is an Ordained Minister and a Healing Pathway Practitioner. Her background includes training in Occupational Therapy, Spiritual direction and Doctoral work in Healing through Story. Karen has a passion for partnering with people in claiming wholeness for their lives. These audio recordings reflect her commitment to reach out to share with as wide a community as possible, and to extend healing possibilities to you.

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Cleansing Meditation – a meditative opportunity guiding you to let go of burdens, physical pain, and life issues. Here is a four minute sample from this meditation. Cleansing Meditation.

Flowering Bush– A grounding meditation, offering the opportunity to open your body to draw energy in, to renew spirit and strength, to become a clearer channel to receive healing energy for yourself and to offer healing for others.

Reclaiming Joy – A meditation to the child within, to cultivate a sense of playfulness and joy.

Meditation for Relaxation and Release – offered to reconnect to areas of the body which hold pain and/or tension, and from which you have disconnected. You will focus on relaxing and releasing tension, so that you are enabled to replenish the energy in each center.

Wisdom Meditation with an Animal Guide – This meditation is intended for times when you are seeking direction, or trying to find answers for questions in your life.

Sound Production by Nicholas Wilkie. Nicholas is more than happy to take part in the creation of this recording with this mother. His knowledge in audio engineering came from many hours of trial and error, and the advice given by his sister, Julia Wilkie. He sings, writes songs, plays piano, and Trombone. He loves spending time hiking and being in the wilderness. He loves spending time with many different people and he is very pleased to share this wonderful meditation recording with you.

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