Festival & Sabbath: A Collection (Vol. 2, Fall/Winter)

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A collection of 22 prayers, devotionals, reflections and prayers for group use and personal meditation. (See description below.)


Festival & Sabbath: A Prayer Bench Collection of Meditations, Prayers and Reflections for the Fall of 2018.

This collection of Prayer Bench writing contains:

  • Devotionals/readings for opening of meetings, small group gatherings or retreats. Each devotional has an opening, reading, questions for discussion or journalling or a spiritual practice, and a closing. May also be used as a resource for pastoral visitors to share during visits, and for personal meditation and reflection.
  • Prayers for personal meditation, or for worship or small group gatherings, creative pastoral prayers.

The Fall collection focuses on resources for Creation, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. 

Here is What’s Inside:

1. Grounding Prayers
2. Creation: Leaf Meditation
3. Creation: Chaos and Creativity
4. Creation: Air
5. Thanksgiving: The Ten Lepers
6. Call & Response Prayer
7. River Prayer for All Saints
8. Open Your Meeting with Hope
9. Make Space
10. Mary Visits Elizabeth
11. The Visit
12. Bread, Cup & Candle
13. Light a Lamp
14. Our Ornament Stories
15. Earth, So Loved
16. Jesus Christ, The Apple Tree (Advent Communion)
17. First Night
18. Jesus First Visitors A Christmas Eve Story with Children
19. “Give Me a Word”  – Star Words from Matthew 2:1-12
20. Darkness & Light: The Whole Story Reflection
21. God is Not Out There – Jesus’ Baptism
22. Blessings

What you receive: When your payment is complete, you receive an email with a downloadable PDF, RTF and WORD file (cut & paste your resources) which can be downloaded, saved and printed.

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This resource is offered for your personal use. You may read from it with groups you belong to. Content may be shared in print or projection: in a church bulletin, newsletter, on a meeting agenda, a handout for a group or retreat with this acknowledgment: 

Used with Permission: Festival & Sabbath, Spring Edition 2018.
Janice MacLean, Prayer Bench at

For other use, please email


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