Easter Retreat: Beating Hearts

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A nine-page Easter retreat Guide preparing you to enter the season of Easter.
We come to the garden early.
It is still dark,
like “in the beginning,”
the darkness of mystery,

the dark before a new day.



There are beating hearts in the garden of life, and we hear echoes of other stories in our tradition in this Easter story. By holding them side by side and pondering on them, we gain insight into the true meaning of Easter. We come heart to heart with the ever-seeking Mary Magdalene and the two early morning runners and learn how to see. We ponder what spiritual practice will nourish us during the 50 Great Days of Easter.

What You Receive 

  • A nine-page Retreat Guide offer suggestions for creating a space for settling into your retreat, a reflection on the theme, Beating Hearts, several  prompts to evoke reflection, art or  journalling, and three suggestions for spiritual practice during the Easter season.
  • You have permission to share this retreat with others for the purpose of retreating together in the same space.
  • You can sample a Prayer Bench Email Retreat by downloading the Retreat from June 2020, Pilgrim in Residence.

PLEASE NOTE: Prayer Bench PERSONAL AND GROUP subscribers will receive this Retreat as part of the 2023 Subscription packages. 

When you order the retreat and payment is complete, you receive a Confirmation Email with a downloadable PDF file of the “Beating Hearts Easter Retreat.”  Please email me if, for any reason, you don’t receive this email.

There is no right or wrong way to make this Easter retreat. I suggest that you scan it to get a sense of what it is about. Then, let your heart decide how to intentionally use the retreat. You might want to set aside an hour or a half day of quiet time. You might want to get up at sunrise, matching your setting with the time of the story. You might want to work with the retreat over a few days, allowing it to work in you. You will know what your heart needs and what fits with the realities of your life.

You might also want to create an Easter altar-table for your Easter retreat space. Think about what objects support a celebration of Easter for you. What might symbolize Light? What might represent cast-aside burial clothes? Could you place a prayer stone? What is your symbol of new life? Perhaps as you work through the retreat, you’ll write quotes or scripture sentences to add to your space. May the words of this retreat and your inner work bring you heart to heart with the One who is Love.”


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