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Here are the resources you receive in the 2024 Personal Subscription:

SOUL PAUSE: DEEPENING SILENCE – January 28 – February 3

Daily email insights with scripture, teachings, and practices to deepen your experience of making silence.



A collaboration with Kereru Publishing in New Zealand. Expect thoughtful guidance for your strolling adventures – whether on foot, wheels, skateboard, or running shoes. Seasons of change await! 


LENT RETREAT: Sacred Seeing

Delivered by email on Ash Wednesday Feb. 14, 2024. Deepen your vision to see like poets, prophets and ordinary mystics. You receive resources to use during the 6 weeks of Lent. 


GLOBAL RAMBLES September 2024

A collaboration with Kereru Publishing in New Zealand. Enjoy slowing. Ramble with pleasure and gather your own collection of seasonal impressions, images and sensations to guide you on your spiritual path. You receive a series of beautiful curated digital scrapbook pages to inspire your ramble and set you off on your own discoveries. 


ADVENT RETREAT: Are There Angels Today?

Delivered to your inbox on December 1, 2024. Journey through four Advent stories adorned with angels, and open your eyes to the possibility of encountering your own angels this season. Receive a comprehensive retreat email with resources to accompany you throughout the entire Advent season.



Personal Subscriber packages are available for sale until February 5. After this, some resources are available at full cost in the Prayer Bench Shop. Some resources are exclusively for Personal Subscribers. 

For a more extensive package of resources, please see the PERSONAL & MORE Subscription. 

There is no Prayer Bench Group Package in 2024. There will be a group license option to print the Lent and Advent Retreats when these resources are in the Prayer Bench Shop. You can purchase GROUP Stroll and GROUP Rambles through Kereru Publishing.

Do you have questions? Contact Janice, Host of the Prayer Bench by Email. 


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