2023 Personal Subscription


Receive your resources for deepening spirituality year round by email.

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A Subscription package is ….

  • Convenient! Order today and receive your resources by email when each one is available.
  • Flexible! The resources are there for you in 2023 or you can save them and use them another time. Have your resources on hand when you need them.
  • Save! Your subscription saves money yet supports the Prayer Bench ministry.
  • You subscription includes the Prayer Bench Monthly Newsletter.
  • Want to share your retreats with six friends? See the GROUP Email Retreat Package with additional resources for $99.

Included in the 2023 Personal Package … 

  1. January:  Receive Seasonings, a mini retreat on “Deepening Trust”, delivered by email.
  2. February & March: Pause & Practice. Receive by email a Practice each of the six weeks in Lent.
  3. April: You receive a full-sized Easter Retreat to guide you through the Easter season.
  4. May/June: You join in the popular Stroll for Your Soul. 21 Daily Emails. Read sample here.
  5. September/October: You join in  “Autumn Rambles”  15 Scrapbook pages delivered daily by email.
  6. November/December: You receive a full-sized Email Retreat to guide you through the Advent season.
  7. Other: Prayer Bench subscribers often receive discounts or free resources throughout the year and first notice of new resources.

Click here to View the 2023 calendar of PERSONAL AND GROUP resources. And scroll down to learn more about each resource in the package.

Please Note: Personal Subscriber packages are available for sale until January 31. After this, all resources are available at full cost in the Prayer Bench Shop.

Take a look at the Group Subscriber package if you want to share your Retreats and other resources with friends and gain access to other resources. See the GROUP Email Retreat Package for $99.

Do you have questions? Contact Janice, Host of the Prayer Bench by Email. 


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