2017 Yearly Subscription #1


Here is the 2017 Prayer Bench Yearly Subscription:
#1 Personal Email Retreats
See the Description below for information about what is included.
Available until January 31, 2017.


PACKAGE 1 – Personal Email Retreat Yearly Subscription ($65)

What’s Included?

  1. Lent 2017 Email Retreat             $29
  2. Fall Retreat: All Shall Be Well     $29
  3. Advent Email Retreat 2017         $25

Order once and receive all three for $65. This package is only available until January 31, 2017.

For a side by side comparison with PACKAGE 2 – Self & Group Package, click: Yearly Subscription 2017 Packages.

Here is what is Included in your 2017 Personal Email Retreat Package ($65)

The Lent 2017 Email Retreat is called Practices for Living in a Troubled World.”  The scientist and theologian, Teilhard de Chardin wrote: “Christianity does not ask us to live in the shadow of the cross but in the fire of its creative action.”  We visit with several people who are finding ways to live and work creatively in the world, and we explore ways practices for keeping a mindful Lent. This retreat is delivered to you by email each week in Lent. (A Welcome Email and six weekly retreats.)

The 2017 Fall Retreat is called “All Shall Be Well: Spiritual Practices with Julian of Norwich.”  This “on demand” retreat will be emailed to you and you print and use it at your convenience. Discover more about the 14th century saint Julian of Norwich and why her visions and sayings speak to our soul today, 

The 2017 Advent Retreat is a long way off! It’s tentatively called “The Practice of Advent.” Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are more than the nice glow of candles and more, too, than seasonal emotions.  They are gifts the world needs and we’ll practice making them real. (A Welcome Email and four weekly retreats.)

To see what’s in the Self & Group Package, visit here. Self + Group

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