Welcome to the Praying the News Resource Page

Welcome to Praying the News. Know you are one of many groups who are using this resource. You’ll find everything you to lead this Small Group Study on this page. I’ve tried to organize the materials as efficiently as possible.

You have permanent access to this page for use within your group/congregation or pastoral charge. You are welcome to share the information with group participants who miss a session and want to hear the audio. For all other sharing, please ask permission. 

  1. First on this page, you will find the Leader Guides. There is one for general use and also a ADVENT EDITION  for use during the season of Advent.
  2. Then you will find a Participant Handouts for each session.
  3. Then you will find the Audio Recordings and the Scripts for the recordings.
  4. Finally, you will find Other Resources referred to in the Leader Guide, including an icon of this series you can use in promoting the study in posters and online.

The print files are available in PDF version. You can download and save these to your computer.

Please, if you have any issues with downloading or opening files email me and I will do whatever I can to help or send you materials another way. Email Janice.

As you begin your Small Group Study, I also encourage you to ‘leave a comment’ below introducing your group and where you are from. This helps us hold one another in prayer as we journey through this study together.

Leader’s Guide

Please note that the process for all four session are in one guide. Just download and print.

Click here to download and print the Praying the News Leader Guide

Click here to download and print the Praying the News Leader Advent Edition

Participant Pages
Click on each one to download and print 

Participant Page News #1 | Prompted to Pray
Participant Page News #2 | A Lens for Listening
Participant Page News #3 | A Space for Lament
Participant Page News #4 | Praying the News

The Audio Recordings and Scripts

The Audio Recordings are easier than ever to download and save to your laptop/computer so you can play them without an internet connection. Look for the download icon download-simple-black-icon-512 in the top right hand corner of the audio track and follow the download directions.

Session 1: Prompted to Pray Audio Recording

Click here to download: Script for Audio Recording Session #1 News: Prompted to Pray

Session 2: A Lens for Listening Audio Recording

Script for Audio Recording Session #2 News: A Lens for Listening

Session 3: A Space for Lament Audio Recording

Script for Audio Recording Session #3 News: A Space for Lament


Other Resources
  1. Click here to download an icon of this study to use on posters or social media to promote your Praying the News Small Group Study.
  2. Brochure for an Intentional Practice of Praying for the World – by Marilyn Burrell
  3. Some examples of prayers for prayer cards for Praying for the World – Marilyn Burrell
  4. Link to World in Prayer website
  5. Link to Canticle of the Turning video (Advent Edition)
  6. Evaluation Small group Praying the News (WORD) The evaluation is in a WORD document. You can change or add questions relevant to your own setting. The participant evaluation is for your use.
  7. Link to Leaders Online Evaluation. This Evaluation incorporates the Participant Evaluation and also invites your response as a leader. It is online and only takes a few minutes. As I continue to develop these small group studies, your feedback is valuable.

Thank you for supporting the Prayer Bench. If you have any problems using this resource, please be in touch with me.  My Email