Welcome to Poetry & Prayer: Day Seven

You might want to read the Introductory Post to this Prayer Bench series. Poetry and Prayer will be a continuing category at the Prayer Bench but for these days give particular presence to the meeting of the General Council of The United Church of Canada in Corner Brook, NL.

This is the closing day of Council. There is much work remaining in Commons and gathering in Worship this evening.

I offer a poem written by a United methodist ministry, Valerie Oden. I found the words published on the Arvadea United Methodist Church Facebook site. Here.

The Threshold Breath

Living and moving and being
between two worlds
in a space
where the old is no longer
and the new is not yet,
hearing the Deep
in awe
of its own possibility,
we exhale.

And wait.


In faith.

And just as dusk hushes
the sounds of day
and ushers in
the soft stillness of night,
so Dawn sings light
through the dark,
filling the sigh
with the promise
of life.

And somewhere between
the Deep sighing
and the Dawn singing,
we draw in a fresh clean breath
and take our first step
in the Rising
as new life.  

Let us pray for the journey.