Welcome to Poetry & Prayer: Day Six

You might want to read the Introductory Post to this Prayer Bench series. Poetry and Prayer will be a continuing category at the Prayer Bench but for these drays give particular presence to the meeting of the General Council of The United Church of Canada in Corner Brook, NL.

Work continues in Commons. Today the new Moderator will be elected. And in the evening, energies will be released in a Kitchen Party!

For our poem today I offer the spoken art of the Australian poet, Joel McKerrow. He is a performance poet, a writer and educator. Truly, he is a word artist.

Here is a video of his spoken word poem called “Dweller.”

“We are artists and pilgrims on the threshold …

dwelling in rhythms of possibility…

There is hope in our eye.”

Listen to it here:


Let us hold in prayer those who have offered to serve as Moderator.

Let us hold in prayer the wisdom of the Court as ballots weave in and out through continuing work.