Welcome to Poetry & Prayer: Day Two

You might want to read the Introductory Post to this Prayer Bench series. Poetry and Prayer will be a continuing category at the Prayer Bench but for eight days we give particular presence to the meeting of the General Council of The United Church of Canada in Corner Brook, NL.

On this day the General Council meets in Commons to discuss and discern proposals. They also scheduled to celebrate the 90 years of being The United Church of Canada.

To lead us into prayer today, another poem chosen by the Moderator.

Called, “Unsolvable Things” from the book Love’s Alchemy by Alla Renee Bozarth, he particularly likes the last few lines:

Every choice you make
Holds its own secret
For redemption.

Bozarth, is an American poet and “soul caretaker.” She was one of the first women priests ordained in the Episcopal Church.

  • Let us pray for moments of grace today when it floats over “like a pearl on seafoam.”
  • As work on proposals related to Comprehensive Review begins, let us prayer for courage and draw on faith, even in the midst of what seems like “unsolvable things.”

Read the whole poem here.